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Healing with the
Feldenkrais Method

Improve your life and overall wellness with the innovative Feldenkrais Method. Through both group and individual holistic healing sessions, Alice helps you learn how your conscious brain can instruct and permit your body to function at a level much closer to its full human potential.

Comprehensive Healing Benefits

The Feldenkrais healing method uses gentle, mindful movement to bring your mind and body to a whole new level of awareness. In doing so, this method ultimately allows you to:

  • Do whatever you do more easily and comfortably.
  • Change habitual ways of moving.
  • Ease chronic tensions and pains.
  • Move more easily from one position to another (such as sitting to standing).
  • Increase your ability to learn.
  • Strengthen your bones and realign them for better posture.
  • Become more creative.
  • Recover from injuries easier and more completely.
  • Relax more and breathe more freely.
  • Increase your flexibility and coordination.
  • Use yourself in ways to lessen back tension and pain.
  • Discover ways to sit, walk, and stand without discomfort.
  • Reconnect with your natural ability to move.
Women in Movement Class

Awareness Through Movement® Classes

In addition to her individual Feldenkrais sessions, Alice also offers group sessions for folks of all ages. Simply bring a pad to lie on and prepare to heal from within, learning how to control your body's comfort levels through the conscious mind. For more information about our group classes, please contact Alice directly.